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Much stress is laid on games and sports. In fact, participation of the students in games and sports and physical exercises is compulsory. There is a Central Council of Physical Education which takes care of this part of educational programme of the Ashrama's Institutions. Under the supervision of qualified instructors and teachers, students are taught drills, parades and physical exercises as well as games and sports. The Ashrama has a stadium of its own. Football, cricket, volley-ball and badminton are being played here in the respective seasons.

Facilities are also avilable for some of the popular indoor games, like table-tennis, Carrom etc. The Annual Sports Meet, Football, Cricket and Table Tennis Tournaments are organised class-wise.

The Vidyalaya maintains two N. C. C. units-an Air Wing and a Naval Wing. Every year cadets pass the NCC ‘A' Certificate examination and attend camps organised by the NCC units. There are also a Scout Troop, a Vidyalaya Troop, a Bratachari Unit and a Band Unit. Participation in N.C.C. activities is compulsory of the studets of classes VIII and IX. Students are always encourages to participate in social service activities which include literacy drive, sale of T.B. seals, acting as amanuensis (writer) to the blind students, ‘Nara-Narayan Seva', cleaning of jungles etc., apart from their involvement in regular community service, activities in the hostel (Bhavana) and Vidyalaya.

NCC (Air Wing)

Vidyalaya Band


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