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The aim of this Vidyalaya is to train up boys for an all-round development of body, mind. intellect and spirit. Efforts are, therefore, made to maintain a congenial atmosphere inside the campus.

Daily routine and different programmes of activiities are so designed that a student can develop himself fully and he is drawn towards some nobler and higher values of life. After the new entrants come to the Vidyalaya, `Vidyarthi Vrata' (vow-taking ceremony) is held every year in presence of all the guardians, teachers and monks.

All the members of the staff, both lay and monastic, living with the students, share the common hardship or benefits of the hostel-life. They try to motivate the students through informal talks and gatherings. It is also expected that the guardians would share the same ideas and inculcate those ideas in the minds of their wards. It is necessary that guardians should have faith or 'Shraddha' in the ideas and ideals of this institution, without which the teaching-learning process of the Vidyalaya and its students would remain incomplete.

When the boys remain with their gurdians should be exhorted to follow as far as practicable and daily routine of the Vidvalaya. The young ones follow almost blindly their friends and companions. Gurdians are, therefore, requested to watch carefully their wards' friends and companions at home and outside and ask their wards to avoid mixing with false or undesirable friends and companions, so that no untoward incident might occur in future.

Gurdians should also be very vigilant so that their wards witnes T.V. / Video / CD's / Cinema shows as minimum as possible. Programme which seems to be conducive to the healthy development of the boys may be allowed and encouraged. Reading of healthy books, journals and magazines, etc. are also to be encoureged.


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