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Students are advised to write letters to their parents, preferably through 1-postcards, every week. Guardians may address the letters directly to the student mentioning the name, registration number and hostel (Bhavana) in which the student has been living. However the authorities reserve the right of censoring the incoming and outgoing letters. Money Orders, registered parcels etc. in the name of the students are not allowed. Articles of necessity which may be required for one stay here may be given to the students on the visiting days, i.e. on second and fourth Sundays of the month. Generally students are to contact their guardians over telephone.

Guardians are requested to ensure that their wards do not bring and keep cash money and articles like wrist-watch, camera, tape-recorder, headphone, mobile telephone, costly fountain pen, pager, cash card, unhealthy magazines or any other valuable or undesirable things or luxury goods or food­ items. Guardians are advised to check up all the belongings of their wards while the latter come here.

The Vidyalaya will not be responsible for the loss of any article, equipment or clothing, while every attempt will be made by the vidyalaya to keep the boys' belongings in order. Going to cinema shows, restauratns, etc , or going outside the Ashrama premises during his stay here is, strictly prohibited and may cause expulsion of the student.

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